Consignment Program



White Rock Ranch will work with you to provide a unique sales environment tailored to meet your equine needs. All horses accepted into our consignment program must first undergo an evaluation process. Once completed, we will work with you to determine the sales price based on our knowledge of the equine market.

Evaluation Process



Each consignment horse goes through an evaluation process to determine if they meet White Rock Ranch standards. During this evaluation, each horse will be evaluated on the following criteria:


- Soundness
- Health History
- Ridability
- Personality
- Level of rider required
- Training

Upon completion of evaluation, White Rock Ranch will work with seller to determine selling price.



White Rock Ranch will not accept horses into their consignment program that have health issues, history of lameness or dangerous bad habits (bolting, rearing, bucking, kicking, etc.).



- Evaluation of Sales Horse
- Full board/training
- Conditioning
- Presentation of horse to potential buyers
- Web and video presence
- Advertisement



- English
- Hunter/Jumper
- Dressage
- Western Pleasure
- Trail
- Ranch Work
- And many more